Feelfree Overdrive Motor Add-On

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One of the most unique features of the Feelfree Overdrive is the ability to incorporate the Feelfree Motordrive power motor unit as an add on option - no need to purchase a separate drive! The Motordrive is powered by a 12v battery with forward thrust of up to 40lbs controlled by a single handed remote. The digital LCD display keeps you updated on the motor's performance and remaining battery power. The combination of the Overdrive with add on motor unit will offer recreational paddlers and anglers the ultimate all day paddle, pedal and power experience. 

Important: Requires Feelfree Overdrive pedal system (sold separately), available at dealers across the nation. If purchasing motor add on for a Lure Tandem, you will also need the Controller Box Bag.

  • Multi-Boat Compatibility - Use on any kayak with an Overdrive 
  • Hand Remote - Full one handed motor control 
  • Single Button Forward + Reverse Control - Up to 40lb forward thrust! 
  • LCD Display - Real-time battery and speed performance 
  • Safety Kill Switch - Emergency quick stop function
  • Emergency Hand Remote Motor Isolation Mode - Run the motor at half speed by pushing the "Limp Mode" button on the motor
  • Compact Design - Utilized Overdrive unit, no separate system needed 
  • Powered by 12v Deep Cycle Marine Battery
  • Includes Carry Case & Controller Box
  • Comes With Installation Hardware and Instructions