Adventure Camping Packing List


○ Tent - a small 3-4 person tent is usually best as it can be stowed easily in the boat. I’ve been using Eureka Apex tents for years and having the something with side vestibules gives some extra dry space for gear 
○ Hammocks - these are great for good weather, quick shelters in areas with little flat/cleared grown. String a tarp above for rain protection 
○ 8 x 10 Tarp with Rope for rain shelter 

Sleeping gear 
○ Inflatable hiking pads are great, and life jackets a good backup if you forget yours ○ Summer sleeping bag (40 degree rated) and a sheet 
○ Balled up Sweatshirt or small hiking pillow 

○ Rain jacket & pants optional 
○ 2 Swim shorts 
○ 1 Zip off quick dry style pants 
○ 2 quick dry shirts (long sleeve collared fishing style shirts work best) 
○ 1-2 T-shirt & one fleece (optional) 
○ Hat 
○ Sunglasses 
○ Water shoes (keen, tevas, etc) 
○ Dry land shoes other than flip flops incase you need to hike it 

○ Water - On short trips usually enough water can be carried. A water penfilter is always good to have or filter system for longer trips 
○ Food - storage and cooking depend on what you have. We usually have some type of grillable items that we cook on a grate. Things that come vacuum sealed and can freeze ahead of time will work best in a cooler. PBJ’s, apples, oranges can also survive well 
○ Cooking grate and utensils 
○ Camp stove - small hiking style 
○ Blowtorch - or other fire starters for wet wood 
Other Items 
○ Lamps - a head lamp, and small lanterns are essential 
○ Bug repellent - the bug bands are great 
○ Sunscreen - remember those shirts and zip off pants in case you need additional protection 
○ Biodegradable soap, TP, and body wipes 
○ Several 20-30 liter dry bags for all items listed above...I found several is better than one large in case you need something during the day. Also easy to pack into boat