2024 Tupelo 12.5

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Crafted for optimal comfort and performance, the Tupelo is a high-end recreational kayak packed with features. Its tri-chine hull ensures excellent stability and tracking while offering ample storage space. Whether it's versatility, comfort, or ease of use you're after, the Tupelo delivers it all in a lightweight, all-in-one package!


  • Super comfy Ergo Seat with integrated lumbar support
  • Gear track around the deck for easy customization with products like rod holders, GPS, camera mounts and more
  • Easy-open rear hatch access to semi-dry bulkhead storage in stern. Large enough for day trip or camping gear
  • Bow and stern bungee deck rigging for storing maps, jackets, or hand paddles
  • Roomy, padded cockpit
  • BACK AGAIN (2023 & After) - our fully-removable framed seat system ensures all-day comfort on the water

Voted Best In Class - Beginner Kayak - 2021 by PaddleTV. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA59X_-hFUc

Suggested Application:

Ideal for navigating small rivers or lakes, the Tupelo is the ultimate kayak for kayakers seeking enhanced comfort and versatility. Whether you're planning day-long excursions or overnight paddling trips, the Tupelo is designed to elevate your experience on the water.

Tupelo 12.5 Cockpit Dimensions: 22.5" x 48.5".


Length:12' 5"


Capacity:300 lbs

Weight  Without Seat:50 lbs

Weight  With Seat:56 lbs